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Protect your Network with Web Blocker and Intrusion Protection services

This is some information about Madeira Networks Security Services.


This service provides security Assessments and Awareness performed by experienced technology professionals.


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Security Assessment


Assessment and Penetration Testing


Our Security Services are provided by Certified Ethical Hackers with extensive experience in information technology security.

We use industry best practices that will help aid bring better employee practices and guidelines to your organization.

Awareness and Training


Awareness and Training


Our security practice includes the review of your corporate documents including computer use policies.

It is imparitive to continue to educate staff of hacking techniques which include social engineering tactics that are used to manipulate users.

Review and Self Testing


Review and Self-Test


Reviewing what you've learned so you can apply your new found information to help keep your personal and company information is key.

We provide a complete security practice that will help keep you knowledgable and reduce the risk of exposure.