Security Services done right

Penetration Testing


We use industry leading security tools that will attempt to penetrate your network from the outside.


These tests attack network devices such as routers, firewalls, and any Internet-facing devices.


Risk Assessment


We've developed a Vulnerability Assessment System (VAS) that allows security experts to assess the risk of each vulnerability.


VAS then compares the risk assessment from each security expert; then a final Executive Risk Assessment report is generated

Vulnerability Testing


Routinely testing your network for vulnerabilities starts the process of risk assessment.


These tests identify risks in network devices such as routers, firewalls, switches, network servers, desktops, notebooks, and other network devices.

Policy Review


Reviewing and creating security polices is key to successful Cyber-Security Program.


Documents such as Password, Encryption, and Remote Access Policies help comply with Industry certifications.

Network Mapping


Using the Penetration and Vulnerability data we document key network components.


Servers, data repositories, applications, outside vendors and transmittal data provides a graphical view of your network assets.




End-users are typically the weakest link, therefore employee training being up most important.


Madeira Networks Security Services include email Spam and Phishing campaigns to help training end-users and report results.