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A Cybersecurity Program starts with a Risk Assessment of your current technology and processes that touch company data, especially personally identifiable information or PII.   Having a well-developed program will also help respond to an incident and assess third-party suppliers.  For more information email us at



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A Good Cybersecurity Program Starts with A

routine Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

well-developed Incident Response Plan
defined retention of data backups and archives
3rd Party Service Provider Risk Assessments
effective Technology Policies and Procedures


The State of Michigan enrolled House Bill No. 6491 states that all licensed agencies must develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity program by January 20, 2021.


Cybersecurity is no longer only a requrement for large companies.  Agencies are required to implement cybersecurity policies, conduct risk assessments and have an incident response plan.


We use the NAIC and NIST Guidelines as a basis to a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program for Independent Agencies.  Call us at 877-562-3347 or email us at for more information.





Cybersecurity Framework

Identify your hardware, software, and data

Make a list of all the technology items including hardware, software, and data.  Hardware items include servers, desktop, notebooks, tablets, and access points.  Software should be the key software that is needed to run your business; for example a CRM system or Accounting system.  And last, know where your data is located and how the data is backed up.

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Protect Key Assets

Protececting your Key Assets like your data and application servers by using encryption, backing up, and updating your operating systems regularlary is one of the safest measures you can take.  A well-configured firewall will protect you from hackers trying exploiting your systems.

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Continous Scanning and Detection

The Having a routine penetration and vulnerability testing is a key to assessing your risk.  Once the testing is complete, each vulnerability must be assessed for risk.  Everyone has risk and knowing those risks is the goal.

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Now How to Respond

The Knowing how to respond to a security breach means notifying customer, employees, and others whose data may be at risk.  Knowing how to keep business operations up and running is also part of the Cybersecurity Program.

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Know How to Recover

Recoving from a Cyber Attack means the ability to restore your equipment and data that was affected; and keeping employees and clients informed of your response activities fullfills the recovery efforts.

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