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A proven Technology and Security Services framework

Since 2012, we have used Madeira Networks for our technology needs.  They are a wonderful company to work with.

Kent and his staff are very knowledgeable.  They keep our company protected and keep all updates current.  The staff are always friendly and do their best to take care of you.  They are top of the line!!!! 


We have been very satisfied with Madeira Networks out of Lansing and Southfield.

The response time is fast.  They have full time, problem solving technicians able dial into your system to both see the problem on your desktop/server and address the problem.  They also have an afterhours technician on staff to handle matters during off hours.

We are in Traverse City and Madeira is in Lansing. Though their office is 3 hours away, it is like they are just across town.  Except for installing a major piece of hardware, everything is done over the web.


From their website, you will see they have a niche in the insurance agent sector.  You will no longer have to educate your technician on the quirks of your management system or insurance company interface.


Madeira Networks - Kent Gartside is very knowledgeable and his help desk staff is outstanding.

They are prompt in their response and always have a positive professional attitude.

Kent has also provided direction when setting up a new office configuration along with knowledge anticipating growth and future use of technology. I highly recommend Madeira Network.



While working on implementing a new accounting system, Inventory control system, and automation controller last year here at Master Finish company we worked with a wide variety of IT, software, hardware, and automation vendors.

Most of the time issues came up the vendors would recommend solutions which involved additional time and or investment to get the project going again.

The team at Madeira Networks embraced the challenges we put in front of them and provided innovative low cost or no cost solutions for these issues.  We have embraced this method of innovative thinking and we have developed a great relationship with Madeira Networks focusing on Teamwork and Innovation.




Madeira Networks has been our IT support the past few years.


They performed our onsite setup over a weekend.  They stayed on site for a day to make sure we had no issues after setup.  Their help desk is always friendly and very helpful and have been very prompt when we’ve had an urgent situation.

We highly recommend Madeira for all your IT service needs.


Among the reasons we chose Madeira Networks was their experience with other insurance agencies.


By migrating us to a terminal server our systems are running more efficiently.  They are populated by young people who are up to date on technology and trends.


Their help desk is top of the line, very knowledgeable, responsive and personable.


In addition, Madeira has done on-site security awareness training for all of our employees.  I would highly recommend Madeira Networks.


They have a great team!


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