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Checking as many boxes as you can, will lower your risk of a cyber attack.

  1. Do you use a VPN or some type of secure connection to access your data and applications?

  2. Is Two-factor authentication (2FA) used when access email or critical data?

  3. Define which type of confidential information or PII you process? i.e. Healthcare records, bank account information, drivers license numbers, credit card numbers.

  4. Is encryption used when sending confidential information or PII (Personal Identifiable Information)?

  5. Are periodical security scans of network equipment performed?

  6. Is the company engaged in routine Phishing Campaigns which involve training of employees?

  7. Are offline backups disconnected from its network or network devices.

  8. Are any backups write-once read-many or immutable backups? i.e.. backup files that cannot be changed by anyone once the files are written.

For more information contact Madeira Networks at (877) 562-3347.

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