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Many IT companies provide some kind of managed services support program.  We are not all the same.  At Madeira Networks, we are proud of our management framework with includes select features within our Security Services offerings.


Unlimited Remote Support

Our Help Desk is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm EST with an after-hours Call Center able to dispatch our on-call support staff.  Our staff understands businesses use workflow and software is a tool that aids to the effectiveness'.  We employee friendly experienced individuals that love helping others.


24/7/365 Back-office Network Management

We use management software and automation scripting to manage and monitor your back-end infrastructure.  This include on-site of cloud servers, end-user devices, including BYOD, firewall management, and any network devices.  Our software monitors your equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we can respond before it becomes critical.


Firewall and Threat Protection

Your firewall is the gatekeeper to your on-site or cloud firewall.  A firewall is what allows the control of incoming traffic to your network.  It also adds extra protection for end-users when online with treat-protection features such an Malware protection, Spam filtering, and Intrusion protection.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having successful on-site and off-site backups are the most important aspects of reliable system.  Knowing your recovery point and recovery time objectives means you know how often you're backing up, and if a disaster occurs you know how long it will take to be up and running again.


Recurring Security Services

All managed clients receive select Security Services like routine penetration and vulnerability testing, risk assessment, phishing campaigns, end-user security training, and employee onboarding.  We want our end-users to be the most educated users on the planet.  This education drastically reduces risk of a breach.


Employee Onboarding

Accelerating the training and onboarding of new employees is important.  What's equally important is a consistent and effective training process.  As part of your managed services, we have an onboarding and training procedure to ensure each employee receives the best understanding of the company's technology.


Routine Vulnerability Scanning

We periodically run vulnerability scans from the outside.  This simulates a hacker trying to open each door and window.  Similarly, we run scans on the inside of your network to determine any vulnerabilities on network devices.  In both cases, these results are assessed.


Security Risk Assessment

Each vulnerability test is reviewed by a trained Security Professional or Certified Ethical Hacker.  Each vulnerability or risk is assessed and given a rating and final review.  If any vulnerabilities or risks are identified, these risks are eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.


Phishing Campaigns and Training

Phishing campaigns are created and run continuously.  These campaigns are sometimes followed up by training.  Some campaigns are benchmarks and are used to assess the knowledge of our end-users.  Our mission is to continue to educate our clients because knowledge is the best defense.


Policy Review and Compliance

Routine reviews of technology documents are needed because things changed and so does technology.  Having a well-documented Acceptable Use, email & Communications, Encryption, Disaster Recovery, Remote Access, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a key asset to your organization.  We can help talk through the details of each.


Technology Consulting and CIO Management

Technology and technology vendors can be confusing and being able to help manage your technology, future planning, and technology budget is what we do best.  We are experienced and frugal and can help define and navigate your technology roadmap.


Automation and Workflow Analysis

Automation and daily processing can save time and money.  We are automation experts and use leading industry software to help automate batch processing and schedule tasks while you are sleeping.

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